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schedule book face-to-face appointments with your clients on our simple calendar system. connect We will never charge you when conducting face-to-face appointments. take payments Try isosconnect premium, free for 30 days. Process client payments without leaving the platform. complete notes Create a patient and complete HCPC standard electronic notes on our GDPR compliant platform.

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The platform for independent mental health professionals, dietitians, & physiotherapists.


isosconnect is a new kind of company. A UK based company that puts independent health and mental health practitioners first.


Today, healthcare professionals are under more pressure to follow strict clinical and record-keeping guidelines to remain compliant with HCPC, NHS and GDPR standards. While large organisations are able to absorb the costs of new technology, independent practitioners are suffering. They had no choice but to pay a premium to comply with new guidelines, until now.


You have told us that electronic note software is one expense you wish you didn't have. As a result, we have built a secure solution to take that expense away.


isosconnect is the only platform that provides practitioners with the ability to create GDPR and HCPC compliant electronic notes, subscription-free.


We also offers 16 premium features for practitioners who choose to upgrade to one of our paid tiers to access features which better connect practitioners with clients and increase self-payer referrals. 




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calendar system

Schedule consultations on our user-friendly calendar system. Create an appointment, select your client, time and date. Your clients will automatically receive an invite will all the information that they need. Appointment settings are fully customisable to the way you work from clinical hours to the length of an appointment.
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keep compliant records.

Keep electronic records compliant with HCPC, GDPR and NHS standards. Data privacy and security is our priority. Only you can see and edit information related to your clients. Our encryption and privacy settings protect you and your clients.

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easy to use secure video consultations.

Confidently conduct remote consultations with secure, high-quality video technology. Unlike other platforms, your clients will never be asked to sign in or download anything. One-click on a secure link and your client will be with you. No time limits on your video consultations. Use live chat, screen sharing and group sessions for a premium user experience.

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we have three tiers, basic features are free. 


Our free tier allows every practitioner to schedule face-to-face appointments, and write clinically compliant electronic notes, stored in a secure environment. We have made a promise to our users that these services will remain free, forever.


Our premium tiers are free to try for 30-days and include:


one to one and group video consultations

- take payments online

- an online booking page for your website and social media.

- a multidisciplinary clinical directory

and much more....

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