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one-click connect video consultations

Conduct remote consultations with secure, high-quality video consultations. Unlike other platforms, your clients will never be asked to sign in or download anything. One-click on a secure link and your client will be with you. No time limits on your video consultations. Use live chat, screen sharing and group sessions for a premium user experience.

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two-way screen sharing

Review scans and reports together by sharing your screen during a session. Take a collaborative approach, to optimise your clinical effectiveness. Access any resource you use, and review it live in session.
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live chat and resource sharing

Give clients the opportunity to communicate the way they want. Send instant messages during your appointments using the live chat feature. This feature also provides practitioners and clients with a way to send links and resources instantly, without email. 

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Features for
Clinical excellence

audit your notes

Search your notes using key search terms and clinical codes. Find the notes that you need to complete clinical notes audits, as recommended by the HCPC. Available on the subscription-free plan, forever.

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secure electronic notes

Keep electronic records compliant with HCPC, GDPR and NHS standards. Data privacy and security is our priority. Only you can see and edit information related to your clients. Your clients can be reassured that their data is in safe hands.

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multidisciplinary clinical directory

Need advice from a specialist? Use the isosconnect directory to find another practitioner, based on location and expertise. Everyone can search the directory;  upgrade to feature in the directory.

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features for
clinical efficiency

calendar booking system

Schedule consultations on our user-friendly calendar system. Create an appointment, select your client, time and date. Your clients will automatically receive an invite will all the information that they need. Appointment settings are fully customisable to the way you work from clinical hours to the length of an appointment. Included in subscription-free, forever.  Upgrade to integrate your Outlook, Exchange, Gmail and Apple calendars to view all your appointments in one place. 
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take payments online

Process payments quickly and easily using any major debit or credit card. Enter your client's payment details, or request payment by sending an electronic invoice directly to your client.
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online client booking

Make booking easy for clients. Create a professional enquiry page which is connected to your calendar. Every page comes with a personalised link which you can use on Google, Facebook, Twitter, Linkedin, Instagram, TikTok and your own website. A sure way to increase self-referrals.

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